widgetset.gwt.xml replace-with -> Rebind result could not be found

Hi, I’m using 8.4.5
I want to change the feedback value displayed by the Slider.
It seems to me that rewritting VSlider is the only way as HTML feedback is private.
I do so and compile my app :


I then add build/WEB-INF/classes to the classpath of my compile.widgetset ant task,
and the following to mywidgetset.gwt.xml

<replace-with class="my.test.client.MySlider">
  <when-type-is class="com.vaadin.client.ui.VSlider" />

ant compile.widgetset then fails :

 Could not find my.test.client.MySlider in types compiled from source. Is the source glob too strict?
 Errors in 'gen/com/vaadin/client/metadata/ConnectorBundleLoaderImpl.java'
 Line 598: Rebind result 'my.test.client.MySlider' could not be found

help much appreciated, thanks.

I can think of two things to check:

the widget set gwt.xml file should be in the parent folder of client i.e. my/test if I read correctly.

The source folder also needs to be on the widget set compile path

Hi Artur and many thanks for the quick answer.

I’ve been able to pass that compilation issue by moving the gwt.xml file in the parent folder,
but the generated widgetset is not fully functional.

my application builds and works fine using the widgetset ant task copied from
and ./src/main/WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets/myappwidgetset.gwt.xml contains

    <!-- the above inherits from com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet -->
    <inherits name="com.vaadin.contextmenu.WidgetSet" />

I think my issue is that I don’t know how to properly intregrate the compilation of a new client side component within my working application.
Meaning merging https://vaadin.com/docs/v8/framework/gwt/gwt-overview.html into my application tree.

I want to change the client side behaviour of the Vaadin Slider class,
and to do so, I only have to apply some changes in Slider.java (copying it into MySlider.java and changing of fews things), would I need to copy and rename all the other related classes (SliderState,SliderClientRPC,SliderServerRPC,…) ?
Do I need to compile the .java into .class and package them into my application or is the generated js enough ?
Should I maybe compile my widget in a separate jar and then incorporate it as I do with com.vaadin.contextmenu.WidgetSet ?

thanks for your attention

I have written a generator class that creates a simple adaptor for our DTOs. Basically, all the generated code does is to look through all the methods of the DTO to find the getters, and create a single getProperty(String) method to retrieve a property based on its property name.
Everything appears to go ok until the compiler tries to compile the GWT.create() statement, and then I get the “must be a class” error.