Widgetset for the extended Eclipse Visual Editor Plug-In

Hi everybody,

I implement my custom Visual Editor by extending the Vaadin Visual Editor, if I want to start it I become an error log like this:

INFO: Requested resource [VAADIN/widgetsets/com.vaadin.visualdesigner.server.VisualDesignerApplicationWidgetset/E9F2BBF78328545A28129CF9614C6252.cache.html]
not found from filesystem or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder.

I tried with the folder path
but it doesn’t work.

Where should I copy this into?

I think the issue is, I have to compile the widgetsets first, but how can I do this for an Plug-In Development?
The compile widgetset MenuItem tells me that I need a WebContent Folder, but this exists in the VisualEditor folder.

Then the second issue is, in the plugin.xml the manifest section got problems with the export-package.

Package ‘VAADIN.themes’ does not exist in this plug-in

How can I fix it?

Thanks alot.

Greez p.walzer

It was ages ago when I (or anybody else for that matter as far as I know) last modified these parts of the plug-in, but based on vague recollections:

One of the complicating issues here might be that the plug-in project contains the VisualDesigner project, which does not have any Eclipse dependencies and can also be used elsewhere.

I think there is an Ant script in the project for compiling the widgetset (build-widgetset.xml in the top-level project?). It should compile the widgetset to the correct directory so no guessing or copying it needed.

VAADIN.themes refers to the (non-Java) theme directory VisualDesigner/WebContent/VAADIN/themes which contains the theme “visualdesigner”. Maybe Eclipse complains because it does not contain Java classes but only other resources, or maybe because it does not look into the sub-project VisualDesigner or maybe something else - not certain. It might be ok to ignore the warning if it does not block compilation.

There are Ant build files for all our plug-ins in a separate project in SVN under integration/eclipse/…, but they are somewhat tied to our continuous integration environment and servers and should be recreated someday based on newer Eclipse plug-in build scripts.

Hi Henri Sara,

thanks for the fast reply, i tried the ant script and it works fine!

Greez p.walzer