Widgetset does not contain implementation for...

Hello all!

I’ve been trying to create a custom widget for a project, but i’ve encountered a couple of issues…

  1. The widget appears to render (at least partially) when i do not use superdev mode.
  2. When i do use superdev mode the widget does not render and a message appears “Widgetset does not contain implementation for…”

I’m trying to use superdevmode to try and debug the client code, but it does not seem to identify the client implementation.
Superdevmode compilation shows this result:

GET /recompile/com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset
Job com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset_1_0
starting job: com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset_1_0
binding: modernie=none
Compiling module com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset
Unification traversed 1127 fields and methods and 1237 types. 0 are considered part of the current module and 5 had all of their fields and methods traversed.
Compiling 1 permutation
Compiling permutation 0…
Linking per-type JS with 0 new/changed types.
Source Maps Enabled
Compile of permutations succeeded
Compilation succeeded – 7,939s
Linking into /tmp/gwt-codeserver-7405819111019949692.tmp/com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset/compile-2/war/com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset; Writing extras to /tmp/gwt-codeserver-7405819111019949692.tmp/com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset/compile-2/extras/com.logus.portal.MyAppWidgetset
Link succeeded
Linking succeeded – 0,629s
10,865s total – Compile completed

So it appears to compile the widgetset successfully, but does not consider any source code as part of the module.

I have specified my widgetset with the annotation in the UI, I inherit the DefaultWidgetSet, I use the Connect annotation in my client side connector, and compile the widgetset successfully with the compile button from the Eclipse plugin (as well with maven).

I should mention that my widget is implemented in a separate maven project than my actual application project (technically should not be an issue since i use the vaadin-maven-plugin). I appreciate any help or ideas!

After consulting with a colleague, we managed to send the source maps of my widgetset module, but after refreshing the web page the source maps would disappear. This made me suspect that the underlying problem might be cache related. After deleting the tmp files, the source maps appeared once again. Happy as I may be to have finally found the problem I am still not sure why this is an issue. I believe that caching shoulding be a problem, right? Any sugestions as to either fixing this caching issue or on how to avoid caching (for now it doesn’t have much affect on my project).