Widgetset compilation for Youtube add-on not working


I want to use the Youtube add on, so after installing it with maven I started widgetset compilation and it seems to went through successfully. In VAADIN/widgetsets directory I have youtubeplayer.js, swfobject, in Widgetset.gwt.xml following lines have been added:

But when I open the window with embedded player, I get error messages that the widgetset does not contain implementation for org.vaadin.youtubeplayer.YouTubePlayer. I should recompile the widgetset.

What I’m doing wrong?



Have you told your application to use the newly created widgetset (the “widgetset” init parameter in web.xml or portlet.xml)?

Could it be that there is an old copy of the widgetset in some cache?

I deleted all caches, the web.xml is refering on correct widgetset.

But nevermind, I just reference youtube video as html, so the problem while no solved isn’t urgent.