Widgetset and portlets in Liferay 6.0.5


Which is the status of the unique widgetset requirement in the same page? is it already fixed in the Liferay distribution? What happens when new Vaadin versions are released, when different Vaadin version portlets are in the same page?


If you are using the Vaadin JAR and widgetset from the Liferay distribution (i.e. nothing Vaadin related in portal-ext.properties, refer to vaadin.jar in liferay-plugin-package.properties instead of deploying it with the portlet), all portlets will use the same Vaadin version and widgetset. There has been no change with respect to allowing the use of multiple different widgetsets on a page.

Upgrading the Vaadin version means upgrading the Vaadin JAR and its shared resource directory, and recompiling the widgetset(s) if using custom widgets.

To compile a single widgetset that contains all the add-on widgets needed by the portlets on the Liferay installation, take a look at the
Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay
. You then simply need to copy the add-on JARs to a specific location, copy the GWT JARs (if not already there) and click “recompile widgetset”.

Note that this still requires that the portal (Vaadin) administrator knows what add-ons are needed by any of the portlets, but also makes it possible to refer to those add-ons in liferay-plugin-package.properties if I remember correctly. You might want to remove the version number from the add-on JAR name when copying it to make upgrades easier - then you can refer to them better in liferay-plugin-package.properties and there are no problems e.g. regarding Tomcat not cleaning up old JARs from portlet working directories.