Widget set does not contain implementation for null.

I’m trying to intergating vaadin with Sprnig,Hibernate and Apache Shiro.

For the integration of Spring with Vaadin I have used a jar library called SpringVaadinIntegeration which allows me to autowire or inject my beans into vaadin forms or views.

The integration part was successfull, but facing some problems that I cannot able to find out by myself.
Problems currently I’m facing are:

  1. Opening a page in different tabs of the same browser and doing some navigation in any of the pages, i’m getting an error like this.

    “Widgetset ‘x.x.x.ui.widgetset.FiretrailWidgetset’ does not contain implementation for null.
    Check its component connector’s @Connect mapping, widgetsets GWT module description file and re-compile your widgetset. In case you have downloaded a vaadin add-on package, you might want to refer to add-on instructions.”

My Vaadin version and Widget set versions are same. ie 7.1.15.

  1. Opening a page in different tabs of the same browser and doing some navigation in any of the pages im getting an error but this time the error was different. Seems like some GWT exception.Attaching screen shots. 1.png and 2.png.


I would recommend upgrading to the latest Vaadin version (7.3.6 at the moment), which should also have a little better error reporting for these “does not contain implementation for null” cases.

Also, try to compile your widgetset with style “PRETTY” for more informative client side stack traces, and check the widgetset compilation log entries to make sure your components get included in the widgetset.

Finally, clear any server and browser caches to make sure that the issue isn’t caused by a stale widgetset, and check that the widgetset files loaded by the browser are those that your latest widgetset compile produced (the hash in the file name should be the same).

For the second issue, check also for any server side exceptions and perhaps use a breakpoint in DefaultErrorHandler if not using a custom error handler. If multiple tabs are interfering with each other, I suspect the real issue is on the server side.

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your reply. I will change the current vaadin version to latest one (vaadin 7.3.6) and let you know the details.
But for widgetset compilation, where should I specify the style “PRETTY”.?

If you are using Maven to compile the widgetset, add PRETTY in the configuration section of the Vaadin plug-in in your POM.

If you are compiling the widgetset with the Eclipse plug-in, select it in Project Properties → Vaadin.

Note that the PRETTY widgetset is much bigger than the default obfuscated one, so you’ll probably only want to use it in your development environment, not in production.