why vaadin haven't javadoc in jar

i don’t know why vaadin haven’t javadoc in jar file.
when i want use methods for example for create button with intellij idea editor say me this:
Button (String, Object, String)
but not say to me what is this parameters. but in javadoc in vaadin site this is exist.
how i use javadoc in developing code in editor?

I don’t really know IDEA, but:

The JAR is meant primarily for deployment, and should not be too big for that reason. It does include the source code, though, and most IDEs can show javadoc based on source code in JARs. Furthermore, there is a -javadoc.jar for Maven, and most IDEs can be configured to load that automatically if using Maven to build the project.

I believe IDEA should be able to show javadoc based on source code, but if you cannot get it to work, either download the full ZIP package (
), the documentation ZIP (
) or the -javadoc.jar e.g. from Maven Central (

Idea does indeed show the javadoc from the source code : to see it, simply add the Vaadin jar as a “Source” jar.



tanks for response
my purpose describe in pictures that i attache to this post.
in not vaadin lib (for example Random() method) parameters is named
but in vaadin parameters define only by type.