Why vaadin always logs to debug console about theme version error?

I opened VDebugConsole.java and what I see? It always, without any condition logs to debug:

        log("Starting Vaadin client side engine. Widgetset: "
                + GWT.getModuleName());

        log("Widget set is built on version: " + Version.getFullVersion());

        logToDebugWindow("<div class=\"v-theme-version v-theme-version-"
                + Version.getFullVersion().replaceAll("\\.", "_")
                + "\">Warning: widgetset version " + Version.getFullVersion()
                + " does not seem to match theme version </div>", true);

How to specify theme version?


the idea is that the logged row has a class name like “v-theme-version-7_0_2” (with the current vaadin version at the end, of course). And then the 7.0.2 version of a vaadin theme (I guess the base theme) will have a css style like this:

.v-theme-version-7_0_2 {
    display: none;

Which will of course hide the theme version error, but only if the version matches. If you would now change the Vaadin version to 7.0.1 and use the same theme, that css directive would not hide the error.