Why use Netbeans?

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This thread is not a debate about which IDE is better… I’ve noticed that most of the developers here used Eclipse for Vaadin, since I’m a Netbeans fan I just want to asked your opinion about working with Vaadin using Netbeans. how was your experience doing it and why would you prefer Netbeans over Eclipse even though that eclipse has the most support IDE for Vaadin.

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I think it is completely and utterly a case of personal preferences. I use Eclipse, but has been working with eclipse when I’ve been doing some work on others’ computers. I am quite lost in Netbeans because I don’t know all the keyboard shortcuts that I know in Eclipse (like ctrl+alt+r for rename, ctrl+shift+o for organize imports, ctrl+alt+arrows to jump between files etc. etc.). I bet they are all there but I would have to relearn everything. I bet the same thing is for people moving from Netbeans to Eclipse.

Also, everything that the Eclipse Vaadin plugin does, can also be done for hand. If you know your way around Vaadin, you will manage without it. I started using Vaadin at a time when there was no IDE integration.

I don’t miss the Visual Editor in the NetBeans IDE. If you are a bit familiar with Swing layouts, you really don’t need it.

You can easily switch NetBeans to an Eclipse Keymap handling :slight_smile: So there’s no excuse not to give NetBeans a try…

thanks guys… :grin:

I’ve started with Eclipse since it seemed to be more popular, but after i’ve switched to Netbeans, i’ve actually realized how slow and buggy Eclipse is. So for me Netbeans gives better performance and it gives me stability.

I too use Netbeans for Vaadin 7. I just add the JARs to the project. Works great. One day will port to Vaadin 8. Eclipse is so frustrating after working in Netbeans.

I also did try eclipse especially when we considered subscribing for pro-tools but Im quite lost in eclipse and my productivity is very slow… Im now using V8 for my project and still using netbeans. I just have to be familiar with the theming so I could get the layout that I wanted. :smiley:

The visual editing system in NetBeans is actually very similar to that of the Vaadin Designer in that the generated file is assumed to be read-only and gets overwritten. The development approach you follow to design code for this mechanism is the same, with variable names declared in the graphical interface. If you do move to an IDE that supports Vaadin Designer (IDEA is another you could consider) you will get off to a good start.