Why Number/Integer Field doesn't have #setRequiered(boolean) ????

(vaadin 14) As simple as that, why a sub-component can’t have this useful server-side indicator? setRequiredIndicatorVisible is not the same, this lacking feature make cumbersome forms validations, we have to check for .getValue() != null on every field that doesn’t have setRequired method. Combobox and Datepicker have it, EmailField doesn’t and so on

Would be easier to keep similar behaviours on similar components

My app has a lot of forms where 50-80% fields are numberic and it is very useful on mobile phones to have the numeric key pad instead the alphabetic

Are you using Binder for form binding? My assumption is that you should use it. And when doing a binding, you can use asRequired() validator, and then Binder will do the appropriate things automatically for you.

See more https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/binding-data/tutorial-flow-components-binder.html

And especially https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/binding-data/tutorial-flow-components-binder-validation.html#defining-validators