Why JPAContainer ?

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Why to pay for JPAContainer , and not use
with Spring Hibernate Tool (HibernateTemplate) ?

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There is no example of using the JPAContainer ,


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For Spring DAO based Container Look at ContainerDataSource in

Is Container Adapter to Spring based DAOs that actually support Hibernate Criterias, Queries and Filters when configured with HibernateDao and JPA CriteriaQueries and NamedQueries when configured with JpaDao.

Do automatic pagination (on page faults load a new page and discard last page) and creates queries to count and sort of results without effort.

Support two Strategies for ItemId generation, indexed (faster) and primary keys (slow but usable).

When using with Spring, you can configure tables from context configuration files too.

Is licensed under Apache 2.0 License

I think that is the same approach that you avocate here


While there are many other ways to use JPA with Vaadin, the Vaadin JPAContainer is a commercial product offered and supported by Vaadin Ltd. This means that we will fix any bugs you might find, and are committed to delivering new versions and features to the product.

Please take a look at the “Using JPAContainer in Applications” chapter in the JPAContainer manual. The manual is included as a PDF document in the zip package available at the
Vaadin Directory

JPAContainer supports lazy loading of data from the database, whereas many simpler approaches rely on keeping a copy of all the data in memory. If your data sets are big, this can make a difference.

Also (quite obviously), JPAContainer uses the JPA annotations or XML configuration so you have less duplication of meta-information compared to some other approaches.

This is a bit old thread, but it seems to me it is still appropriate to ask this question here:

I am readin the Book of Vaadin, and in the book JPAContainer is mentioned as a commercial add-on. In the OP here Rin also asked ‘why to pay’.

My question would be, why to pay for JPAContainer if it is released under Apache 2 license? As I undersand the license, one can use it even in own commercial, closed sourced, project, as long as one includes a copy of the license, and provides ‘clear attribution to The Apache Software Foundation for any distributions that include Apache software.’

I am still in the phase of learning vaadin, and still have no idea if I am going to use it for a real project ever. If I move up quickly enough I will definitelly suggets Vaadin to my Bosss. The point is I would like to have things like this clear, before talking with anyone about it.

Just for the sake of completeness, regarding redistribution, we would anyway not sell the software, but use it internally for our purposes.

Thank you all for this great software.



Originally, when this thread was started, JPAContainer was available under a commercial license. The license was later changed to Apache 2, so no need to pay.

Thanks for your answer Henri! I hope you are getting enough money trough other ways : ). I actually give money for open source when I can, and find so great you do so much for OS. I am saying this just to clarify I have not asked the question because I am against paying developers, but b/c I had issue with understanding the situation, and was confused.

The real reason to pay, of course, is to support people who develop stuff. Again thanks for clarifying and all good stuf you are developing.