why IT MILL ?

Beside IT MILL there are several other java-based frameworks available. For example the Google Web Toolkit or wingS.
Actually MILL is a quite good solution for our concern but why should i choose MILL instead of GWT or wingS? What are the major differences between IT MILL and GWT except the looks and the number of features?
At the moment we have no favorite so any good reasons for using a certain framework are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


There’s no really choosing between GWT and IT Mill Toolkit, as GWT is part of the IT Mill Toolkit. You see, GWT is a client-side technology, essentially a Java-to-JavaScript compiler and libraries that allow you to easily make programs that run in the browser as JavaScript. IT Mill Toolkit, on the other hand, is a server-side Java programming framework, where you program applications that run on a web server. IT Mill Toolkit handles the user interaction in the web browser using GWT transparently with Ajax communications.

Certainly, if you need only a client-side application, you could use just plain GWT, but the most common case is that you need a server backend and in any such case the IT Mill Toolkit solution is probably the easiest.

WingS is a server-side Java framework like IT Mill Toolkit, but it uses plain JavaScript for the client-side, very much like the Release 4 of IT Mill Toolkit did some two years ago. The use of GWT for the client-side programming is the major benefit of IT Mill Toolkit over WinS. I’m not sure if there is any detailed comparison of the two on other technical aspects. I’m not sure how active the WingS project is, if you look at the release rate, with the previous release being 11 months ago.


Marko did mention on client/server framework differences, but I’d like to add my 2 cents on data - ITMill toolkit has the excellent data model, bound with the UI components , making possible to display and manage huge amount of data in a web ui without much JS overloading.


I have to work with ItMill since this summer, before I was work on GWT and I had try Echo2, but ItMill is a good compromise to develop application with friendly UI and interesting components like Table that can contains lot of data (more than 180 000 rows) and that responds quickly.
Moreover the ItMill Team is really present and always get time to answer on Forum, also open Trac project management to view milestone is a good point, you can see all Sprint and I think their development is on a good way. You can see other projects Around ItMill
lot of good ideas …

I understand that you need to make a choice, and it’s not easy, I have done my choice specially for their good components.

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