Why is your web-site (https://vaadin.com) so very slow?


The vaadin web-site has obviously been written with vaadin. But it’s one of the slowest web site I’ve ever seen. If this is the performance we get out of the vaadin framework, I can only wonder why anybody is adopting it.

Surely, something must be wrong.

I have used Vaadin 6 and it’s quite fast. So what happend between version 6 and version 10 (or 11)? Or is the web-server very old or the bandwidth very low?

Any explanation or help?

Thanks for listening.

Hi Christian,

You are right that the website is built on top of Vaadin Flow. During the new website development time Vaadin 10 was not yet completely implemented, which meant some of the functionality on the website had to use workarounds. We are now in a maintenance phase were we optimize the site, and take away those workarounds. While doing that the learnings on performance on the website are shared back to Vaadin platform. The website shows what you can do with Vaadin but does not today show the full performance of the platform due to the mentioned reasons.

Mikko / vaadin.com

Hi Mikko,

Thanks for the quick reply and for the explanation. I hope you soon get it fixed because it really doesn’t help sell the product. I talked about Vaadin to a collegue and then went to this site, and, well, you know, he thought he’d stick whith his current tools… :wink:

Best regards,