Why does Vaadin use an old version of the "jsoup" library?

Vaadin uses the “jsoup” Java HTML parser.

I noticed the current NetBeans plugin for Vaadin sets a dependency for an old version of jsoup, 1.6.3 (2012-May-28) while the current is 1.7.3 (2013-Nov-10).

I noticed when I was about to add jsoup to my Vaadin project for my own needs.

I’m curious as to why the old version? The updates are supposedly faster and use less memory.

Are there any known conflicts with Vaadin and the newer versions?

Is there any reason for me to not “exclude dependency” (context+click menu item) on the old 1.6.3 and add a new dependency for 1.7.3?


Mostly because “if it works, don’t fix it”. The dependencies should probably be reviewed and updated if deemed necessary before each minor release, but especially maintenance releases ought to be drop-in replacements that do not cause a dependency hell when deployed.