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As many of you have done or are doing, I am evaluating whether vaadin is a technology that our company can use. Often times even if the technology is stellar, as vaadin looks to be, the question arises as to are there any major companies or products backed by vaadin. This becomes an evaluation criteria. The FAQ really doesn’t answer this question.

Can anyone provide more info on any significant companies or products using vaadin? When presenting a technology to convince people of vaadin, without real world/significant implementations, the case to use vaadin isn’t so strong. For example GWT’s power can be easily understood by looking at google docs, which is used by millions.

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Well, there’s this one page in the forum I found just by typing in the search box “who uses vaadin” :slight_smile:

Who is using Vaadin -page
. Only one app added so far.

Others will probably take more time to answer this more convincingly, I don’t have the energy right now.

I’d say Google Docs counts only as one user of GWT :wink:


Most of vaadin applications is made for companies and runs inside their nerworks. I know only one public app: http://www.blackbeltfactory.com. And a blog post about it http://vaadin.com/blog/-/blogs/blackbeltfactory-made-with-vaadin-part-1-selection

From the top of my mind a handful of the systems where IT Mill has been participating to development. (These systems are either publicly accessible or that have otherwise given a reference permit - there would be quite a few which I would like to list, but can not):

  • Teagle Group
    Teagle system for coordinating usability testing (get a free trial account from their web-shop (also implemented in Vaadin) to try it out - it is really nice looking system)

  • Logica
    Rondo R8 document management system. A really large software product that is widely used by large enterprises and public sector.

  • Orion Pharma
    's enterprise systems for managing pharmaceutical product information

  • Logica
    TYVI portal for coordinating data exchange (taxes, etc) between officials and corporations

  • Ista Finland (currently Rejlers)
    Utility Web products

  • Motonet
    - leading car parts retailer in Finland

  • Vaadin Directory

Proper link to the Teagle app (requires login, but I think
you can request a demo


Is docs really a GWT app nowdays? Last time I checked it had no GWT code in it.


The company I work for ( http://www.arumria.com/ ) mainly works with Flex/Flash for UI - but as software architect I obviously have to have alternatives up my sleeve for those cases where Flash isn’t appropriate.

After a fair amount of looking at various technologies I found Vaadin to be most relevant for a number of reasons:

  • while based on GWT it doesn’t require that extra build step, but it is good to be able to reference GWT at the same time and know that it is extendable using GWT if I really wanted to
  • the component model / API is concise and coherent
  • it’s compatible with OSGi, so allows me to build scalable, modular applications without the overhead of application servers
  • it works on every browser i’ve tried it on, including mobiles (Android / iPhone)

So, while we’re not using Vaadin explicitly at the moment it is definitely on my radar for future opportunities, especially if there’s mention of building web applications for platforms without Flash (e.g. iPhone / iPad)



“We” are HPD Software; we develop software for banks and financial insitutions, specializing in Invoice Discounting and Factoring systems. (See
this site
for an explanation of factoring and invoice discounting).

Our software is installed all over the world, run by large banking companies - many of which you would have heard of. Some of our clients are mentioned on
our website
(I apologise for the quality of the site, by the way; designed and updated by our sales team, not by the technical people!); for commercial reasons, I cannot name many of them.

We are planning at some point in the next two years to migrate our front end from Swing to Vaadin; this is a very large task (hundreds of screens and components), and so will have to be done in phases.

As a pilot, to feel out any problems and to validate the technology, we are using Vaadin as a front end to an analysis product called Gemini : we are extracting data from end-users accounting packages, such as Sage, MYOB and Quickbooks, and collating them together on a database, where the data can be viewed, analyzed, queried and so on - before the data is exported to back-office applications, such as our own Aquarius and I-Factor products. All of the GUI for the product inside of the factoring company is being built with Vaadin.

It’s important to note that our software is mostly designed for people inside the bank to use, not for casual end users; I do not think it out of place to say that Vaadin is not the technology to look at if you are looking to develop an application with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, such as YouTube or Amazon or EBay. However, there are very few such applications in the real world - most business applications are run internally inside organisations, supporting much lower user numbers - and this is where Vaadin shines.

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To my knowledge - Google Wave is the only high-profile product built with GWT that Google has published. If I have not mistaken, Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps are all hand-coded javascript.

Hello Colleagues,

We are providing open-source Business Process Management Solution -
. We use Liferay + Vaadin to create engaging user interface.

Before we started we’d evaluated number of technologies (icefases/richfaces/openfaces/openlaszlo/gwt/smartclient/jquery.com) but we founded that Vaadin has rich components palette and easy to use and provides rapid development even without WYSIWYG tool.

We’re small size IT company, which develops and maintains their own ERM software and also provides services about the electronic records management topic.

Vaadin is not our primary tool for web based apps.

We’ve completely switched to Vaadin in our company at the end of 2009. For now, making all internal apps for internal business needs in a web form and using Vaadin is a standard (previously we had swing/plain html apps).

At the moment, we also deployed 10+ apps for external customers. Yep, most of them a not public, I had a plans to summarize a new page with all our deployments and screenshots, but unfortunately experiencing lack of time, will make this a bit later.

Hi All,

Thank you for the responses and links. I am very impressed with vaadin but to convince upper management of the feasibility of vaadin the information you all have provided is helpful.

Please keep more examples coming.

Thank you.

Here is also an excellent reference:

In the linked press release one business unit (about 300 persons) of Logica (about 30.000 persons worldwide) commits to moving all of their application user interface development to IT Mill Toolkit 5 (the previous version of Vaadin 6) and discuss about the reasoning behind the decision.


our newsletter is just about to be released and will hopefully answer some of your questions regarding who is using Vaadin. Please subscribe to the newsletter at
and stay tuned for more.

More thorough info on the newsletter in this thread:

Excellent! I have signed up and see that you all are actively trying to gather data on how customer stories on how vaadin is used. This will be beneficial to market Vaadin.

Just to let you guys know that I’m in the process of collecting a list of projects that use Vaadin. For the list I’m trying to find out the following pieces of information for each project/product:

  • Name
  • Description (short, less than 500 characters.)
  • Creator/supplier (w/logo)
  • Customer(s) (w/logos)
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Screenshots (optional)
  • External links (optional)

Projects will be featured on the site in more than one way.

I’d be much obliged if you could write the profile for your projects and products that use Vaadin, and send them to me! You can post the profiles on this thread or email me at
. Don’t worry about it if finding out a detail proves troublesome (eg. logos), please send even incomplete profiles and I will try to complete them later.