whitelabel page error

, I downloaded a project using vaadin start and when I ran it, it showed me that error

There is probably some (more informative) error from the npm command on the server output ?

message.txt (11.8 KB)

this is the console output

What npm version are you using? If it is 9.2 try to upgrade, since there’s known issues with 9.2
Otherwise try with a mvn vaadin:clean-frontend clean

I cant perform any npm commands in the intellij terminal

not even mvn


Looking at your logs I suppose you can call
C:\Program Files\nodejs\npm.cmd --version

and for maven, you may have the maven wrapper in the project
Check for a mvnw.cmd (or similar) file in the root of the project and use is instead of mvn

I will try

Its not working either

How do I do commands?

I can run Npm commands in the windows command prompt

I suppose you can

Can you tell me how to delete node_modules because Marcus said me on stack overflow to delete them

The simplest way is to run 'vaadin:clean-frontend` goal

Otherwise, simply delete the folder calle node_modules in your project root

I cant find the folder

Ok, that’s fine. It means npm package installation did not yet completed