White flickering when scrolling fast

Hi there Vaadin Community,
I’ve been working with Vaadin for a while now and noticed quite often that if I scroll a View too fast there’s going to be a sort of white flicker appearing.

Since I can’t upload an attachment it seems, here’s the video on my OneDrive instead:
Recording 2024-04-01 215549.mp4

I hope the quality is decent enough, so my problem is noticeable.
Is something I can do to mitigate/fix that issue?

Looks more like a generic issue… I’ve seen that with older hardware, buggy driver… bad browser / bug… you name it. It can also occure on any other page; pages mostly effected are things with high element count and/or heavy JS usage combined with long usage… just restarting the browser every 1-2 days could mitigate it :sweat_smile: probably not the answer you were looking for

Like @knoobie said, there may be a lot of different reasons for it. Most of them boil down to an overly complex DOM, or something causing extra work to happen.

Can you share the code for how you create the view to help us understand it better?

Suwayomi-VaadinUI/src/main/java/online/hatsunemiku/tachideskvaadinui/view/trackers/MALView.java at ee78cca8e44c3dff29e47defbe0860814f21a3aa · Suwayomi/Suwayomi-VaadinUI (github.com)

Here’s the View I’m talking about, though if it’s more a generic issue it might just be me doing stuff inefficiently, though I’ve seen that on a couple other things, so if it’s me I do it consistently which is worrying :sweat_smile: