which systems are powered by Vaadin?

Hi, a customer of mine considers porting many of their systems to Vaadin, but they want examples of Vaadin in live production systems as input to the decision.

Q - Which sites/systems currently use Vaadin?

Thanks in advance,

If deployments in Russia counts to your customer, here are the couple of items from us:

  • VAADIN is actively used as management console for our company ERM system this year which has 10+ production deployments (for this year)

  • One of the largest retail banks here (VTB24) running custom made web front-end to provide fast access to internal bank documents and regulations for their employees all around Russia

  • 2 public libraries (http://www.pushkinlib.spb.ru and http://www.igps.ru ) now running VAADIN-powered web interfaces to provide online access to digitized library archive for their visitors and students.

IT Mill has built and participated in building of dozens of systems with Vaadin (and its previous versions called IT Mill Toolkit and Millstone) since year 2000. Most these systems are running in enterprise intranets. Systems vary in size from some thousands to over half million code lines. They are used daily by thousands of business users. Please contact
for references that mach your use case.