Which row is being edited when grid row enters edit mode

Hi All,

I am doing inline editing in a grid. For one of my columns i have set an editorfield as combobox


The combobox should be generated dynamically depending on which row I am editing.

Is it possible to know which row is under edit mode? I do not want to use generatedcolumn to achieve this.


I don’t think you can generate fields based on the row, only by field type. But you can get the collection of editor fields from the Grid so you could try to modify the field by selection event or something like that. I’m not sure if it works.

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your reply, but selection event would not work 100%. I have tried it already.

Under grid editor bufferedmode. Some evets are fired when the editor opens up, which I could have listened to but that scenario was ruled out because of some bug in vaadin 7 which does not fires the events any more.

In case of grid editor unbuffered mode i am able to switch between rows by up/down key and the selecton event wont be fired in that case either.