Which one should we use in a coming project: Vaadin 6 or 7?

We need to start an web application in a couple of weeks and put in production in a 3-4 months(estimated)…

We did some experiments withs some web frameworks and we have decided to go with Vaadin.

Now the doubt is: which one should we use: Vaadin 6 or 7 ?

As we must learn vaadin from scratch, maybe start by the new 7 could be better. By the other hand, we are a bit afraid about the size of issues that could come with that…

thanks for any comment



looking the range of dates you manage I think that you should use Vaadin 6, if you go to the
you will see that Vaadin 7 comes in 2012Q3

You can do your implementation considering some aspects of Vaadin 7 in order to change your version to 7 when it becomes a Release, you can see
Vaadin 7 Wiki
to achieve this.



Hi Javier,

yep, your consideration makes sense…

well, we will start the development using 6.x and I will create a branch for the 7.x because there are some news that interested us in this version. we will make some effort to have it update it…

one point that I’m sure that will minimize the problems, and I’ll force the team into this, is to have all the integration tests done and covering all stories (we use BDD and JBehave + selenium-webdriver to run them).


I saw an entry stating the dropping of ie 7 and below in vaadin 7. You might want to consider that based on your user base browser