Which GWT version is included in vaadin-client.jar?


the vaadin-client.har contains gwt in a current 2.5 version. Whatever this means :wink:

Does vaadin-client.jar contain information which exact version is embedded?

Best Regards, Andreas

As GWT is now part of Vaadin, the client-compiler.jar contains only the Vaadin-Version (7.0.0.beta11 in my case). Didn’t find any information about which concrete GWT-version was forked.

The version is effectively a fairly recent version from GWT 2.5 trunk plus some fixes that are not yet in GWT trunk, built from our own GWT repository.

You can see the repository contents and history

Hi there,

sorry for the long delay.

I tried in the browser-debug-console: GWT.version(). Result was 7.0.0…

I think it is bad practise to hide the exact version fo the underlying plattform, can cause confusions when try to fix bugs, etc.

What i mean is i have to get the opportunity to somehow find out the included GWT-version. I think META-INF in the jar would be sufficient.

Best Regards, Andreas