Whether Vaadin6.2.1 Application is supported to Nokia Mobile Browser4.0?


I have deployed one Vaadin Application6.2.1 using NetBeans6.7 & Tomcat6.0. In the normal browser IE7.0 its working fine.

While loading the application url to the Nokia Mobile Browser4.0(NMB), it says “You have to enable javascript in your browser to use an application built in Vaadin”.

I checked in the NMB4.0 >Settings>Browser> Enable Javascript option is not there.
I checked my IE7.0 and javascript was by default enabled.

Could anyone suggest me whether Vaadin6.2.1 Application is supported to Nokia Mobile Browser4.0 or not?

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This is actually the first time that I hear about “Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0”, and I could find very little information on it.
However, from finding no mention of “javascript” in the user guide, I’d say that:

, Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 does not seem to support javascript, and can thus not display Vaadin application.

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