Where Vaadin Charts license key is needed

We bought two Vaadin Charts licenses. Now I am little bit confused where I should use the license. Vaadin Book says “The license key is checked during widget set compilation, so you do not need it when deploying the application.” I can build project without license file or system property but when I run my application on JBoss License Warning is printed on the log. So I created .vaadin.charts.developer.license (first dot seems to be mandatory on Windows) file to my home directory. Warning is then disappeared. But that file doesn’t need to contain a valid license key. I can even just wrote ‘vaadin’ to that file and everything works fine. So, where I really need to use the license key?

We are using Vaadin 6.8.15 and Vaadin Charts 1.1.9. Development envisronment is Windows 7 and Eclipse.

Put the file vaadin.charts.developer.license in your resources folder and deploy with your project.

refere to : http://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/11884

I’m facing exactly the same problem with Vaadin 6.8.14 and charts 1.1.8
I have managed to overcome the problem using Petrus’s solution - but this solusion may cause legality problems because you are actually distributing your License key to all of your customers.

has anyone came up with a solution enables using the license key during widget compilation only, without the need to distribute the license key along with the application?

I don’t understand how Vaadin expect us to follow this procedure without ensuring it works…