Where to download the source of Demo

Where to download the source of Demo

Which demo?

QuickTickets Dashboard

You can find it here:

Please note that it is a visual demo, and not really meant as an architecture showcase.


Hello Thomas,

Is there an “architecture showcase” for Vaadin, something like a reference implementation ?

I am thinking best practices for UI development in Vaadin. There seems to be some many ways to skin the cat.

Thank you

Indeed, there are many ways to structure Vaadin applications and e.g. some like MVC/MVP whereas others feel that it adds unnecessary layers to smaller applications etc. Furthermore, developers’ preferences on build systems, the use of CDI/Spring etc. vary.

Most larger Vaadin applications are not open source, and many of the demos are there to illustrate a single topic, e.g. visual design or in the case of
how to use a mobile and a desktop user interface for the same application, adapting to the screen size of the device.

A more complete Maven archetype is also planned and would act as a good starting point for bigger applications and demonstrate good practices.

If you want to look at bigger open source Vaadin applications, I’m aware at least of
, although I haven’t personally inspected its source code.

As Henri said, most larger apps are actually closed source so it is a bit difficult giving a complete example. For myself, I typically use the MVP pattern with CDI and JavaEE, built with Maven. An exampe can be found here: