where should I place Vaadin Maven Spring Boot CSS files?


I am trying to get up to speed on Vaadin. In Spring Boot MVC, CSS and Static files a generall put in the resource folder. I’ve seen a couple of Vaadin related web posting about CSS and basically, they advise to put the CSS file in the WebFolder, which does not exist in a Maven MVC. Please advise how to create and reference CSS files in a Maven spring boot project. A pointer to an example would be great.

Thank you for your help


I put the VAADIN folder (with my theme) in src/main/resources for my spring boot application.

And i configure my pom.xml, you can see a project with this configuration here ( https://github.com/peholmst/vaadin4spring/tree/master/samples/sidebar-sample )


In the Vaadin demo projects, VAADIN folder is put in webapp folder. I don’t know why (and I think your cannot run it as a jar, only as a war according to this link https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/boot-features-developing-web-applications.html ).