where is web.xml? i need static content mappings...

Hi All, i have a vaadin application that need to serve some static web pages and several images. I am using netbeans with maven (project from vaadin archetype). In vaadin 6 (without maven) i simply add another mapping into web.xml and all works. In vaadin 7 (with maven) there is no web.xml, and i can’t find where are mappings.

So, this is the questions: how can i configure another mapping?

Chapter 4.8.3
You can change back to use web.xml if you feel more comfortable with it.

Note that you can use web.xml together with @WebServlet, so you don’t need to define the servlets in the web.xml if you use such.

Note also that to serve static resources, the Vaadin UI class (and the VAADIN directory) must be mapped to a sub-URL, as described in the book.