Where is Vaadin using GWT as a JavaScript Wrapper?

Hi Vaadin team!

I’m holding a comparison presentation about GWT Widget Frameworks and GWT.
For me it seems like Vaadin has in comparison the best preset of “all you need to start” features and components.
I see that concepts, documentation, help and code is most precise and created with passion!
Thank you for it!

One question about the old/previous JavaScript Framework of Vaadin:
In the current state of GWT and Vaadin, I can see some precompiled GWT files,
are these containing the JavaScript Framework?

On the other side, I can see logic in the Java components itself,
so can you tell me, which parts of the code in general are still accessing the JavaScript Framework and
which are pure GWT+Serverside Java code?



What do you mean by “JavaScript Framework”? A Vaadin-component consist of a Serverside-Component-class and a GWT-Widget. Communication between those two is managed by the Framework. Javascript is (almost) only involved as a result of the GWT-compile.

Hi Tobias,

as far as I understood, Vaadin used GWT as a JavaScript Wrapper to call the Vaadin Components, written in JavaScript.
Many Frameworks do so.

Question is, if all Code is written in GWT, or if and where GWT calls “plain” JavaScript Code.

One example is the GWT-Highcharts library as well as SmartGWT

Anyone can answer?

All the core Vaadin widgets are written with GWT. The only native JavaScript is the bootstrap.js which is used to start the Vaadin application.

Some widgets use JSNI, but no external JS files are needed for the core widgets. Many of the add-ons use JavaScript libraries, though.

Thank you very much !