where is Vaadin cdi Version 1.0 alpha download

Hello everyone ! Who can tell me. where is Vaadin cdi Version 1.0 alpha download


in a maven project you just have to add this repository and the dependency:

          <name>Vaadin snapshot repository</name>


if you are looking for the jar:

here you can find a great test project :wink:

We made a pre-alpha build last week that was in limited distribution, essentially the same as the snapshot. Based on feedback received, I’ll make some small changes and try to get the alpha1 out today.

There will be one clear user-visible change in it compared to the current snapshot: moving of CDIUIProvider from com.vaadin.cdi.internal to com.vaadin.cdi . This only affects users who have manually configured servlets, though. Automatic deployment of VaadinServlet with CDIUIProvider still works as before when no servlets are configured by the application.