where is method setzIndex() of PlotOptionsLine in vaadin chart 3.0

dear all,
Sorry because i’m speak english very bad.
But i have a question, please help me.
I have used vaadin chart version 2.1.3 for a year ago, but now i’m updating to vaadin chart 3.0
default when add series into Configuration, series after can above series before but I must use method setzIndex() of PlotOptionsLine to ListSeries before above ListSeries before in graph.
but vaadin chart 3.0 i can see it.
ListSeries lstbefore = new ListSeries();
PlotOptionsLine plotLine = new PlotOptionsLine();
lstbefore .setPlotOptions(plotLine);

ListSeries lstAfter = new ListSeries();
plotLine = new PlotOptionsLine();
lstAfter .setPlotOptions(plotLine);

Configuration conf = Chart.getConfiguration();
conf .addSeries(lstbefore ,lstAfter);

in vaadin chart 2.1.3: lstbefore above lstAfter, (default lstAfter above lstBefore)

Thank you verymuch!


Looks like the API for zIndex is missing in data series, I’ve created a
for it.

As a workaround you could try adding the data series in the same order they are supposed to be shown (last series will appear on top), that should work.