Where is build-widgetset.xml?

I am trying to convert our build process from GUI to CLI only. I am having trouble locating the build-widgetset.xml file.

In the Book, it says, “The Vaadin installation package (the Zip package) includes an example Ant build script for compiling a widget set. The script is located in WebContent/docs/example-source/build-widgetset.xml.” However, all I can find is a download for the JAR files, and I don’t see a Zip package for it.

On the Tooling page (https://vaadin.com/tooling), the link for the build script (http://demo.vaadin.com/docs/example-source/build-widgetset.xml) gives me a 404 error.

Where can I get a copy of this script so that it doesn’t have any IDE dependencies?


The packaging of Vaadin changed some time ago and the book copy you have hasn’t been updated yet.

You can get the script e.g.
directly from source code control
for now - should also be in other places but not quite sure where.

I was referencing the book online at
(section 14.3.2).

Thank you, I will give it a try.