Where can I manipulate the content of the DOM if the app is written in pure


I checked the vaadin docs for how to do SEO in a Vaadin app. And doc says I have to leave only visible content in the DOM. I’m wondering that where is the DOM that can be manipulated if I program the app in a pure Java code? Is it the static/constant strings/characters I hardcoded into the component attributes such as the caption/title?

And what if the content that I need to expose to a search engine are all dynamically rendered, what should I do in this case? Put them all in meta part? Or is there any standard way/best practice that I can follow?

Many thanks!

Vaadin framework contains actually two sets of Components. The ones listed at vaadin.com/components are custom components made by us, using web component specifications. This means that their internals are protected (shadow DOM) and not accessible by search enginer crawlers. There is also native html element represantions in Vaadin Java API, like Div, Span, Paragraph, OrderedList etc. for the elemental components. So if you need to have a view in the application that needs to be searchable, you can compose it using those.