Where are the default themes?

When I create a new Vaadin 7 project in eclipse, the only theme folder that is created in WebContent\VAADIN\themes\ is mytheme, which contains mytheme.scss, styles.scss, and addons.scss. Isn’t Reindeer supposed to be in there too? My styles.scss is attempting to import Reindeer, but I don’t know if it is successful because I am a programming super-beginner and haven’t even gotten to deploying or anything yet. I just want to be able to open reindeer.scss and peek at it to practice my sass skills.


I got around it. I tracked down the jar file, copied it and renamed it as a .zip and unpacked it into my project folder.

I feel like there is an easier way though? I’m using windows 7 if that is important.

Usually you don’t need to extract the JAR contents - the application server (e.g. Tomcat) can serve the files directly from the JAR file and your IDE can also open files in the JAR file for viewing (e.g. in Eclipse Package Explorer view → browse to Java Resources → Libraries → ivy.xml (one of them) → vaadin-themes-*.jar). If you want to modify something, you shouldn’t modify the file in reindeer but rather add CSS rules in your own theme that override the rules inherited from reindeer.