When will Vaadin 7.19 be available?

The roadmap indicates that 7.19 is 9 days late. Any idea when it will become available? I ask because there’s a bug fix scheduled for 7.19 (http://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/12885) I’m waiting for.

We are hoping it will come out later today or this weekend because we have our own release going out next week and we may have to back off 7.1.8 to 7.1.7

Its release is now pending push test results. It might be released later today, but might get delayed to tomorrow (or later if serious problems found).

Why is Vaadin starting to not accomplish established release dates?

Would it be a bad sign? I am afraid thaht Vaadin7.2 could took longer to fix serious issues.

I find it a good sign they fix the bugs before releasing the new versions and don’t release a buggy version just because the “date” is right for a release

Vaadin 7.1.9 maintenance release is now available. See the links below for more information.

Download Vaadin 7.1.9

Release Notes for Vaadin 7.1.9

List of Closed Issues in Vaadin 7.1.9

It took much longer that I ever tought

I have migrated from vaadin 7.0.5 to vaadin 7.1.9 version. Horizontal split panel/vertical split panel are not rendered in the page.I dnt see any error in the console also…

Please help me on this…

As you jumped over quite a few versions, it is possible/likely that this is not a new regression in 7.1.9.

First, though, you should check whether all your layouts are valid - I suspect that is where the problem lies, and 7.0 was more tolerant of invalid layouts than 7.1. You can check for many common layout problems by adding “?debug” to your URL and clicking the “analyze layouts” button. Also check for error messages on the log tab of the debug window.

Also make sure your widgetset and themes are up-to-date, recompiled if necessary.

If none of these gets you forward, please test if you also have the problem with 7.1.8. If so, please try to find which is the first version changing the behavior.

Traditionally, in Vaadin 6, maintenance versions were released every four weeks. With Vaadin 7, we have tried a more frequent cycle of “two weeks preferably but longer if deemed necessary for some reason”. It may be that two weeks doesn’t really work that well, but three weeks, plus a week or so if necessary, seems how it realistically goes.

This autumn we’ve also been focusing on our other products that have been somewhat neglected for some time. This by no means is to say that we want the core framework to receive less attention, and have been hiring more employees to the R&D team (and will hire even more in the future) but the new guys of course take a while to get really productive.

We should communicate delays - and their reasons - better, though.