When Should Application.init() Be Getting Called?

I’m new to Vaadin. Using 6.8.0. Deploying to Tomcat 7 via Eclipse WTP running in debug mode with Tomcat default settings. I’m noticing that from IE 9 and Chrome 19 (is that the version???) on Windows 7, when I load my application’s main page, everything is fine. But, if I reload the page in either browser, the init() method gets called again. It was my understanding that that method should only be called when the Application is first being initialized and that on all subsequent calls back to the server, the Application instance should be pulled from session and restored and thus, init() shouldn’t be called again. More importantly though, whether init() is called again or not, my Application instance variables are cleared out (I assume because in fact, the Application instance is a new one rather than from session). Can someone explain what’s going on? How is it supposed to work? Do I need to reconfigure something?


Any insight on this? I have come across the same behavior. My case is more similar to
this post
where the user is being forced to go back through the login process when they hit F5. Any help would be appreciated.


This sounds like
this problem
which is caused by Tomcat 7 being picky with cookie paths. Please ensure that you have a slash at the end of your URL (e.g. http://myhost.com/foo/) or that sessionCookiePathUsesTrailingSlash is disabled in Tomcat’s context settings.

Thanks, that did the trick. On a related note… is there a way to capture this request and refresh parts of the application?


Please check
these changes
to see how we detect and circumvent the issue in Vaadin 7.