Whatsapp integration with Vaadin

Has anyone tried to integrate WhatsApp? I mean sending/receiving messages without leaving the vaadin app ? If so, please do share some examples

Vaadin does not care about the data source you are using. So it’s just like any other Rest APi; You use it and display the results. I doubt there are any examples looking at the pricing of WhatsApp for business.

You could probably also use an API like Twilio if you need to support additional channels as well.

There’s this component Whatsapp Button Add-on - Vaadin Add-on Directory that renders a button to start whatsapp conversations easily.

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As others said, Whatsapp have quite a good API and very thorough documentation to understand it (Meta bought it, so you can expect even higher quality as of now):

curl 'https://graph.facebook.com/v17.0/106540352242922/messages' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer EAAJB...' \
-d '
  "messaging_product": "whatsapp",
  "recipient_type": "individual",
  "to": "+16505555555",
  "type": "text",
  "text": {
    "preview_url": true,
    "body": "Here'\''s the info you requested! https://www.meta.com/quest/quest-3/"

Of course prerequisite to this to setup everything nicely, have a meta developer account, register an app, so on ,check get started part for it.