What's the right way to change Vaadin version for an existing project ?

Hi All,

I started developing an application with Vaadin 7.1.12 and now I want to upgrade to 7.3.8 version.
I changed version in the pom.xml of my project but it didn’t work.
I created a new Vaadin project using the plug in in NetBeans 8.0.2 and the new project is made up of 3 parts : production,ui and widgset.
So, in which way do i have to edit the pom.xml of my project to use the Vaadin 7.3.8 version?
Is there any tutorial about the right pom.xml structure ?



changing the vaadin version in pom.xml should be all there is to it. Obviously you need to clean the project after that and rebuild.

Please see
for more info. You can generate a new project with the vaadin archetype to get some tips on the pom.xml structure.