What's the replacement for ServletHelper?

When I started an experimental Vaadin app about 2 months ago I had followed one of the Vaadin tutorials which among other things also contained a class SecurityUtils which contained a isFrameworkInternalRequest() method - see https://vaadin.com/learn/tutorials/modern-web-apps-with-spring-boot-and-vaadin/adding-a-login-screen-to-a-vaadin-app-with-spring-security - search for SecurityUtils).

This method used a class and method com.vaadin.flow.server.ServletHelper.RequestType.values() to figure out whether a request was a framework internal request or not. Apparently that class is now gone in Vaadin v18.

What’s the suggested replacement for this? That method is used in a class SecurityConfiguration and CustomRequestCache shown in said tutorial. How does one differentiate between internal and other requests in Vaadin v18?

RequestHelper has been replacexd by HandlerHelper, it still contains RequestType enum. See it here: https://github.com/vaadin/flow/blob/master/flow-server/src/main/java/com/vaadin/flow/server/HandlerHelper.java

Thanks for the pointer. Worked perfectly.