What's about WebSockets support?

I cannot find any mentioning about this technology on Trac nor on this forum.
But it looks that it can dramatically improve responsiveness of Vaadin UI.

Are there any plans on subject?

WebSockets would be great for implementation of “server-push”:

It will also speed up requests from client to server (UI Actions) - there is no costs for establishing connection, no headers and other overhead.


I am also very interested if there is a plan to use WebSockets in Vaadin :).

Or maybe you will wait until it will be used in GWT first??


have you checked out
ICEPush add-on

That’s interesting. I found it yesterday. For now I don’t know what is difference between it and Refresher…

The difference between pushing and polling (or long polling or polling if you prefer). Using the Refresher add-on the browser will poll the server at predefined intervals e.g., 1s and check for changes. Using the ICEPush add-on the browser will keep a connection open to the server, waiting for something to happen. The moment the server says “push!” the browser will get the update.

Sounds much better than Rehresher. So if any gwt/vaadin event is waiting on the server side ICEPush will cause sending it to browser?

Is ICEPush using WebSockets? What if browser will not support this technology?

I don’t want to make off topic, I should ask those question on ICEPush thread…

Actually - it is not that automated. You must call push() on the server-side to push all queued modifications from server to client.

Thanks Joonas.

Artur, more questions here
, please look.