What is the best way to integrate an existing Spring Boot application which

I currently have an application with many RestController mappings such as /api/foo, /api/bar, etc. I’m trying to bring Vaadin into the picture and have it just re-use these existing endpoints. I don’t see (or missed) any official documentation regarding how to do this, and so I need some help.

To clarify, ideally, I would not like to inject FooService (from the backend) or anything similar into the Vaadin side of code. Instead, I want to follow the paradigms made popular by frameworks such as React, Angular, etc where the client side framework (Vaadin in this case) will render the views and whenever a backend call needs to be made, I would need to explicitly make an HTTP call.

Furthermore, I’m trying to emphasize this separation of concerns by splitting up the existing maven project into submodules: frontend and backend. This is just for making things simpler in my head.

Is this sort of architecture possible?
Besides doing whatever it needs to do in order to render a @Route annotated view, I would like Vaadin to be backend agnostic. And also keep Spring Boot frontend agnostic.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Looks like https://vaadin.com/learn/tutorials/consuming-rest-services-from-java-applications is quite close to what you would like to do?