What is needed to get the Video component working

The video example in the demo sampler runs ok in my browser (Chrome).

In a View class extended from VerticalLayout I have used the sample code as below and nothing shows.
I have also tried it with some youtube and vimeo videos with same failed result.
Any guidance would be appreciated as I am probably missing something obvious.
I am using a very recent development snapshot of Vaadin 8.

private void addVideo() {
    Video sample = new Video();
    final Resource mp4Resource = new ExternalResource(
    final Resource ogvResource = new ExternalResource(
    sample.setSources(mp4Resource, ogvResource);
    sample.setAltText("Can't play media");

All that is needed is to use video component as content for a panel…Works :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon.
Works with the sample “https://s3.amazonaws.com/videos.vaadin.com/vaadin_fin_web002.mp4”);

But not with youtube link for example “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlvl3g-dP2I

Any clues?

I’ve never used Video, but I’m guessing that first one is a video file and the second one is not; it’s a link to a YouTube page. You might want to use BrowserFrame or something like that instead for YouTube.