What happens on serverside when I am clicking on some button like crazy


I am wondering about what happens on serverside when i clicking on some button non stop. Button invokes method that takes 2 seconds. Are requests serialized on server or are there multiple threads started.

The reason why am I asking this is because I experienced situation when vaadin stoped responding… just rotating icon… no cpu usage, and web user interface stopped responded to clicks. That happend on double (2xdoube?) click.



Only one thread, the button clicks are handled one at a time in order. Also, if for instance click #1 removes the button, click #2 will not occur.

So in effect, what you described should never occur. Unless something else happened, of course, like the server crashing or something. Can you reproduce the effect?

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I implemented “synchronized” methods on server and am not receiving this error anymore.

Reproducing error was very “thread like” reproducing - 20 clicks ok, then total freeze.