What does RowItem.commit() do?

I’m on Vaadin 7.

I’d like to know, as it’s undocumented, what the commit() method from class RowItem (https://vaadin.com/api/com/vaadin/data/util/sqlcontainer/RowItem.html#commit--) does.

To be really honest, I hate when I find these undocumented methods here and there. If it does nothing, please say so. To this moment, I get the impression that, in fact, this does nothing.

My problem is that I’m binding form fields to a datasource item, I save the changes to my database via DataSource.commit() and it properly does so, but then I find that the Item I edited just still holds the old data. I tried manually doing this RowItem.commit() but I see no difference. The only thing that seems to solve the situation is to manually recover the item again from database, which of course is overkill.

Thanks for reading…