What does allowDuplicateFragmentNames really do?

i thought i got rid of it, but this warning keeps going back in my intelij so i’m not sure what it’s really doing.

Can’t say what it does, but the jetty-maven-plugin doesn’t have a <webAppConfig> configuration subelement after jetty-maven-plugin version 9; it was renamed to <webApp>.

Did you get that through some of our starter :thinking: I think that is a) outdated, like Olli mentioed b) no more neeeded anymore. I have seen that at some point and thought I made a PR to fix it…

A PR for the archetype that at least seems to have this bad config still: Update pom.xml by mstahv · Pull Request #209 · vaadin/archetypes · GitHub

Here it seems to be in the new form, but not sure for what it is needed. skeleton-starter-flow/pom.xml at v24 · vaadin/skeleton-starter-flow · GitHub