What design pattern with spring and hibernate

Hi everyone,

I did some tries with vaadin 7 and you really did a good job :). But my code is becoming more and more spaghetti because I started without design pattern and maybe a lack of discipline :(.
When you have a lot of views and you have to notify the changes to most of its it’s here that is becoming a mess.
This is why I’m looking for a solution.
I’ve searched what could be a good way to structure my vaadin 7/spring/hibernate project.
Most of the time I see MVP + EventBus or MVVM solution.
I would like to know what recommends Vaadin for large-scale enterprise projects using Spring. I want to keep my code Components-oriented (following Vaadin 7 guidelines) but I need to find a good way to split event-handling logic code (with uses of backend services) from GUI-building code.

Thank you :slight_smile: