What calculations were performed for Lumo's primary, error, and success col

I am not a graphics designer, so please excuse my ignorance.

What calculations went into determining Lumo’s primary, error, and success colors?

What I noticed (and a couple of side-questions):

  • Both light and dark variants use the same hue values.
  • Light and dark variants use different saturation values.
  • Light and dark variants use different lightness values.
  • The light variant’s primary text color uses the primary color, while the dark variant’s primary text color is specified. Why?
  • The light variant has contrast colors for all, while the dark variant has only a contrast color for its primary color. Why?
  • A few other unworthy of a note.

I calculated the difference in hue, saturation and lightness between --lumo-primary-color and blue, --lumo-error-color and red, and -lumo-success-color and green, and no disconcernable pattern arose. Again, I AM NOT A GRAPHICS DESIGNER. So, this may have been silly.

My goal is to create an equivalent yellow (warning) color. To do this, I must understand how primary, error, and success colors were derived for both light and dark variants of Lumo.

Could someone please help me with this?

Thank you,