Weirdest TextField Issue.

Hi Guys,

We’ve stumbled into a pretty weird issue in Vaadin - and I was hoping someone else here had run into the same thing.

When we type in a text field it will sometimes loose a character, ie. I can type ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’ - then the last zero just disapears and I’m left with 100 in the text field. It seems to happen when vaadin makes a call to the server (the progress line at the top of the screen runs when it happens).

Has anyone seen this before (we are using manual push, but not in these forms) - I’ve also removed setImmediate(true) and updated to Vaadin 7.7.1.

It only happens when the network condition is very bad - can someone please assist, or atleast point me into a direction to debug this.

Thank you!


If you have a listener added to the
, try by explicitly calling

adding the listener.

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for replying - and sorry for saying “Thanks” 2 months later! I feel terrible.
There was a listener which was nulling out the text for some reason, i.e. imagine something rogue like this:

textField.addTextChangeListener(event → textField.setText(“”));

In most cases if the network is fast, it’s not noticeable - but when it slows down it looks like it’s backspacing your text. Very odd we had that in our codebase.

Anyway - thanks for the help again mate!