Weird network issues with ITMill main website


just noticed a strange behavior with the website - if I try to download a toolkit release from the downloads section, download speed stays at approx. 700 kbytes/sec for 2-3 seconds and then softly degrades to 5 kbytes/second where it stays till the end of download. If I cancel this download and resume it again, the same effect happens.

Just wondering if something wrong with the hosting server ?

Wow… that is really strange and definitely should not happen. The server is not a problem - just tested to download locally and I get 47MB/sec (I was impressed too ;)). Could not confirm the behavior from external network - can anyone else comment on this?

BTW, I just was able to check from one of our client server’s that is located in Moscow, it did not show any problem. So looks like the problem either in our ISP or some routing issues between St.-Petersburg and Finland.

Hmm… To me that sounds like someone in between is throttling the traffic…

Just a guess of course.


Just tested with the Windows zip over my home DSL. Not as fast as it could be, but rather steady 80-90KB/s all the way (according to FF).