WebSeal Junction and Quirks Mode

Our Vaadin application is in a WebSphere RHEL environment with WebSeal. When we don’t have WebSeal application behavior is great. However, with WebSeal and a junction, we needed to create the junction with the -j flag.

Else, we see notification message:
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Creating a junction with the -j flag solves this problem, but introduces Quirks Mode in Internet Explorer and causes some of the UI styles to be unpleasant and hides/truncates some UI components.

This is easily fixed by use F12 and changing the Document Mode to non-quirks mode. Our customer doesn’t want users to repeatedly change the Document Mode. Internet Explorer is the standard desktop.

The Qurks Mode is introduced because WebSeal writes a javascript snippet before the DOCTYPE tag. Thanks for any suggestions.

According to the HTML specifications there shouldn’t be anything above the doctype line, IE especially does not like it.

I’m no expert in WebSeal but you should be able to tell WebSeal to append the junction script last in the document instead of first by using the upper-case -J switch instead of the lower case one.

Agree. Although we develop the software, our customer has another contractor administer/configure the application servers. I did see this post http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21383032
which addresses a different configuration for the junction to place the script at the bottom of the document. Thanks.