Weblogic 9.2 deployment steps for vaadin

Abstract: I need help with the deployment of an vaadin web app in weblogic server 9.2.

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with weblogic 9.2 and the deployment steps of the vaadin webapplication.

So far i just used vaadin together with tomcat. Create weppapp, create war, copy war to tomcat and woohaa it works!

Now i have the problem that my vaadin app needs to run with weblogic 9.2.
Weblogic is completly new for me and i did not found much of information how to deploy a vaadin web app to wls 9.2

I tried to install my war file to the server and got some ugly Unmarshalling exceptions:

Unmarshaller failed at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppModule.loadDescriptor(WebAppModule.java:781) at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppModule.prepare(WebAppModule.java:272) at weblogic.application.internal.flow.ScopedModuleDriver.prepare(ScopedModuleDriver.java:176) at

Maybe someone had to use vaadin for wls9.2 as well and could give me some tips or even some deployment steps how to run the web application.

For any help i really would be thankful.