Webinar: Open Standard Business Platform

Join Chris Loetz and Florian Pirchner on an introduction to the Open standard business platform. The Open Standard Business Platform is a community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on open standards for a business platform called Business Engineering Environment (BEE). Learn about OSBL, its architecture and DSLs.

Part two of the webinar on OSGi and Vaadin in more detail airs on Thursday (tomorrow) at 2PM CET.


Starting Wednesday November 19th 2014 @ 2PM CET

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Will there be a recording of the webinar available later? “Live streaming not available…” here in Germany :frowning:

Yes. It is available on this same channel right after the webinar ends.

Hi, is there any other channel than Youtube for the live stream ? Merely, it’s not possible here in germany to use it. I am also not able on this computer to proxy the problem…

Sadly no but you can see it in less than an hour directly after the webinar has ended. More about the German legislation here:

Refreshing this blog or the youtube vaadinofficial I can see a thumbnail picture for Open Standard Business Platform Webinar (24:29), but trying to start playing I get “Live streaming not available…” again. Do I have to wait longer? Or is there another problem?

Ok… seems to be working now :slight_smile:

It was very intresting. Thank you so much! Does “Open Standard Business Platform” have own public resource like www.vaadin.com?

Thanks, the public resource can be found at http://www.compex-commerce.com/en/osbp/